HeartFirst mailorder instructions for people ordering from outside of Germany

IMPORTANT: International postage rates have GONE DOWN on 1 January 2011!!!

Welcome to the HeartFirst mailorder! The rest of this part of the website is German language only but I am sure that you can still find your way around o.k. I have been running a distro for 25 years now and this list is unfortunately internet-only and I am not sending out photocopied lists anymore. This website is very basic without shopping cart and other gimmicks but pure punkrock-style e-non-commerce. I hate those fancy looking websites with carts, then when you order it's not available any more even though it's listed. I am not saying I never run out of stuff that is listed here, but at least I am not pretending to run a slick professional business and make you pay for stuff up front which I might not have.

info current as of January 2011


This is the way to shop:

1) Just copy & paste the titles from the list into an e-mail which you send to the e-mail address konsum [at] heartfirst .net (it is important to include the prices of the titles when copying into the e-mail!!!). Don't forget to tell me where you live. Postage makes a difference if you live in Holland or in New Zealand. You can write in English, Norwegian or prove that you paid attention in your German class back in the day. I will not write back in Norwegian but I can understand it alright. No, I'm not into black metal.


2) Important: Minimum order is 2 records because it is getting a little annoying to pack all those single LPs that people are ordering. This will also make the postage more economic for you. I will make exceptions if you just want to order one single record on HeartFirst.


3) Please include an intelligent subject line for your e-mail, like "mailorder from your_name_here", if you just write "hi", I might accidently delete your mail since I am receiving tons of spam-mails from Russian women and buddies in Nigeria who also say "hi".


4)  I will get back to you and tell you what is available. The chart below gives you a rough idea though weights of 7"s vary. Also one 12" roughly weighs the same as three 7"s:


weight/number of records to Eurospe to rest of the world
up to 500 grams/1-5 7"s 4 Euros 4 Euros
up to 1000 grams/6-11 7"s 7 Euros 7 Euros
up to 2 kg/19-21 7"s 9 Euros as Small Packet 17 Euros as airmail letter 17 Euros by airmail letter

5) HeartFirst is not the fastest mailorder in the world, but here you can find some stuff that you cannot easily find elsewhere, in most cases I ship records within 48 hours after receiving your payment.


6) After I told you what is available and we agreed on a shipping option you can pay me either by bank transfer, postal money order or by sending the money thru paypal to avarice [at] heartfirst.net. If paying by Paypal unfortunately there will be a fee of 5%. I will tell you the total including everything after you tell me which way is the easiest for you to pay. HeartFirst absolutely does not accept checks or credit cards.


If you see an "i" listed in front or a price, that means it is an overseas pressing which usually makes the product more expensive.

Happy shopping y'all!

* People who reserve stuff and never pay up will be banned from ordering from HeartFirst forever.


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